Nurturing your wellbeing: essential tips for Allied Health Professionals

23 Aug 2023Resource

We explore some practical wellbeing tips and highlight a few well-known wellbeing apps that can provide you with valuable support along your journey.

Embrace self-care

Self-care is not selfish; it's essential. Schedule time for activities that bring you joy and relaxation. Engage in hobbies, spend time in nature, practice mindfulness, or enjoy a good book. Remember, you can better care for others when you care for yourself first.

Nurture social connections

Building and maintaining positive relationships is crucial for your wellbeing. Connect with colleagues, friends, and loved ones, both in person and virtually. Share experiences, seek support, and celebrate milestones together. Strong social connections can provide a valuable support system during challenging times.

Prioritise physical health

A healthy body supports a healthy mind. Incorporate regular exercise, even if it's a brief walk during your lunch break or a workout session at home. Fuel your body with nutritious food, stay hydrated, and prioritise sufficient rest and sleep. These small steps can have a significant impact on your overall wellbeing.

Practice mindfulness and stress reduction

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, stress can take a toll on your wellbeing. Incorporate mindfulness practices, such as deep breathing exercises or meditation, into your daily routine. These techniques can help you manage stress, improve focus, and cultivate a sense of calm.

Seek support and professional development

Continual learning and personal growth are integral to your professional journey. Engage in CPD activities that align with your interests and expand your skills. Consider seeking mentorship or coaching to enhance your career development. Professional support and guidance can fuel your motivation and boost your confidence.

Wellbeing app recommendations

To complement your wellbeing journey, explore the following well-known wellbeing apps:

CALM: CALM offers a variety of guided meditations, sleep stories, and breathing exercises to help you relax, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep quality. It's a perfect companion for busy AHPs seeking moments of tranquillity.

Headspace: Headspace provides a wide range of mindfulness and meditation exercises designed to promote mental wellbeing. From stress reduction to improving focus, this app can help you find balance amidst your hectic schedule.

Happify: Happify focuses on fostering positive emotions and resilience through scientifically-backed activities and games. It's an excellent choice for AHPs looking to boost their emotional wellbeing and build resilience. Resources you can use yourselves or direct your clients towards. There are wellbeing as well as crisis resources, including tools like the Wellness Plan and the LifeBox which can be good preventative measures to avoid getting into crisis situations.

Your wellbeing is paramount as an Allied Health Professional. Remember, wellbeing is an ongoing journey, and there are numerous resources available to assist you. You deserve a fulfilled and thriving life as you continue to make a positive impact on others' wellbeing.

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