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In early 2019, dietitian Jen was struggling to keep on top of her CPD. She turned to husband Joel, who runs software company Switchplane, for advice...

"CPD is an absolute nightmare. There's no proper tools to manage it so I end up collecting random bits of evidence all over the place - on my desk, in my email, on my phone. I dread getting audited by the HCPC because producing the CPD report would be extremely stressful. Can you do something about it?"

Joel brought in a colleague, Garry, to research how Allied Health Professionals manage their CPD.

Garry recruited 50 AHPs and heard the same message over and over again:

  • I've got nowhere to keep my CPD
  • My employer doesn't give me CPD time
  • My CPD ends up scattered all over the place
  • I forget what CPD I did
  • I'm scared to open the HCPC renewal letter

The conclusion? CPD is a nightmare and AHPs desperately need help managing their CPD.

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From there, Julia was born. Our team worked with a small group of AHPs to build it from the ground up. With ongoing feedback and discussion, we built a CPD management tool that's simple and fast.

No more CPD nightmares. With Julia, you can record evidence, reflect on it on a regular basis, and use it to build a report if you are audited.

"And why is it called Julia?", you ask. Well, as NHS tech is typically clunky and corporate, we wanted Julia to be a friendly alternative with a personality. Julia is there to help you instead of getting in the way.

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