How Julia Works

As an AHP, you have to carry out CPD regularly and record evidence of your learning in case of an audit. Julia helps you reflect, record and report your CPD. Watch our short video explaining more, or see further details below.

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Register for a 14 day free trial of Julia, access the website and download the free iOS or Android app. Fill out your profile to help Julia get to know you better.

Add your CPD

Add photos, documents, and text notes quickly and easily from the Julia website or Julia app. Or simply forward an email straight into your Evidence whilst you’re on the go. You can categorise your CPD as you upload it, or come back and do it later.

Organise your evidence

View, categorise, and reflect upon your CPD evidence on the Julia website and record how your CPD has changed how you work. Explore your submissions, view your Evidence in chronological order, and see where your gaps are. Keep on top of the work you’ve done at the touch of a button.

Create a report

If you’re selected for audit, don’t panic. Julia has you covered. You can build a report to meet HCPC standards, choose which evidence to include, and preview and download your report at any time to help you stay audit-ready. Stop your CPD nightmare.

Watch our explainer videos

There’s support always on hand should you need help using Julia. We’ve created a series of videos to explain how to use each section, and our friendly team will assist you in case of personal queries. You can book a video call with us to talk you through the app when you sign up too, if you wish.

Get suggestions from the app newsfeed

If there are features you haven’t tried yet, if you haven’t submitted any evidence in a while, if your profession is likely to be audited soon, if there’s a TV programme coming up that’s relevant for your CPD - we’ll let you know.

Add additional email addresses

If you need to forward emails from personal and work accounts into your Evidence, add additional email addresses to your profile so you can forward from anywhere that’s convenient to you.

Record Gibbs reflections

As well as a general area to reflect on a piece of evidence, Julia also includes a template for Gibbs reflections to be recorded.

Be prompted to meet HCPC standards

Each of the HCPC standards can be met for each piece of evidence, thanks to prompts to help you demonstrate that your CPD covers a mixture of learning activities relevant to your practise, to ensure that your CPD contributes to the quality of your practise and delivery, and to ensure that your CPD benefits your patients.

Refer your colleagues

If you enjoy using Julia, you can recommend your colleagues.

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"Whoever thought up the idea in the first place to try and help us is a genius." - Rachel, Occupational Therapist