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11 May 2022Resource

CPD can cover a wide range of activities: anything you do to learn or develop professionally can count towards your CPD, providing it enhances what you can offer to service users as part of your practice. In fact, you’re probably already doing more CPD than you realise!

We’ve put together a compilation of useful SLT resources which may aid you in your CPD goals. The list below covers podcasts, webinars, and books which could help your learning.


The Speech and Language Therapy Show

The Speech and Language Therapy Show with Shermeena Rabbi discusses a variety of topics related to speech and language therapy/pathology over 10 episodes. With interviews and dialogues with experts in the field, the topics covered relate to speech, language, communication, voice and swallowing difficulties.

RCSLT Sound Waves

The RCSLT runs a podcast series as a way to provide quick and accessible learning resources. Episodes cover a wide range of topics and with a variety of guest speakers and experts.

SLTea Time

This podcast series opens up discussions around race, ethnicity and lived experiences of Speech and Language Therapists and students in the UK, exploring the perspectives of those from under-represented/misunderstood communities. (Note: Latest episode was August 2021, but there are still interesting earlier episodes to catch up on).

UEA Extra SaLT Podcast

Emma Ferris, Lecturer and Academic Lead for SLT Practice Education at the University of East Anglia, hosts this podcast which explores the Speech and Language Therapy profession through conversations and reflections with guests. It’s designed for prospective and current SLT students, as well as NQPs and the wider profession. (Note: there is currently only one season available from summer 2021)

AHP Leader: Long COVID Speech and Language Therapists

This episode of the AHP Leader podcast from April 2021 discusses the role of SLTs in the management of patients in the acute and long term phase of COVID-19. The panel looks at SLTs in the multi-disciplinary team, as well as personal experiences.

First Bite: A Speech Therapy Podcast

This US-based podcast looks at SLT resources for paediatric patients, with new episodes weekly.

Webinars and Online Courses

RCSLT Events

The RCSLT runs a range of events for Speech and Language Therapists. Keep an eye on their Events page for upcoming events (such as 'Promoting communication in the early years CEN' in May 2022), or access past events and webinars here too. Webinar recordings from over six months ago can be found on the RCSLT's Youtube channel.

RCSLT Webinars

Even more RCSLT content! Catch up on any RCSLT webinars you may have missed, covering a wide range of CPD-beneficial topics.

HCPC CPD Audit - your essential survival guide

The RCSLT share a webinar to explain more about the HCPC CPD audit process, including what happens if you’re selected for audit and what evidence the HCPC is looking for. You can learn about resources and help available to support you in gathering evidence, and hear from an SLT who has been audited.

A Chatter of Magpies

The Magpie webinars are free monthly CPD for SLTs. Topics include “Supporting Autistic Adults”, “Supporting clients with selective mutism”, “Working in Prisons”, and “Embracing Vulnerability in Clinical Work and Leadership”, among others.

CityLit courses

CityLit provides therapy classes and courses for people who stammer as well as training and professional development courses for SLTs. Check their website for upcoming courses - such as 'Acceptance and commitment therapy for speech and language therapists' and 'Effective counselling skills for SLTs'. There are courses available both online and in Covent Garden.


Some of the most recent publications in the field:

Dual Language Development & Disorders: A Handbook on Bilingualism and Second Language Learning - by Johanne Paradis, Fred Genesee and Martha B. Crago

ISBN: 978-1681254067

This book prepares SLTs and educators to support this growing dual-language population. It gives clear and comprehensive information that professionals need to promote positive outcomes for young dual language learners and make informed decisions about assessment and intervention when a disorder is present.

Understanding Nonverbal Learning Disability: A Guide to Symptoms, Management and Treatment (Understanding Atypical Development) - by Irene C. Mammarella, Ramona Cardillo and Jessica Broitman

ISBN: 0367025604

This essential book offers an accessible, evidence-based guide to Nonverbal Learning Disability informed by the most current research and clinical and educational practice. It describes the main characteristics of the condition from both theoretical and practical points of view and examines the similarities and differences between NVLD and other disorders.

Early Language Development: Implications for Clinical and Educational Practice (Psychology Revivals) - by John Harris

ISBN: 978-0367463311

Designed for the many professionals involved in encouraging language development, this book will enable them to get to grips with the practical issues of helping children with language difficulties. Dr Harris also describes different ways of encouraging language development and explains how teachers and therapists can overcome the special problems faced by children with particular difficulties, such as visual impairment, hearing impairment, general learning difficulties, and environmental deprivation.

DLD and Me: Supporting Children and Young People with Developmental Language Disorder - by Anna Sowerbutts and Amanda Finer

ISBN: 9780367333683

This book consists of an easy-to-follow, 12-week programme designed to help children and young people understand their strengths, what makes them different, what DLD is, and how they can support their own communication in everyday life.

Remediation of /r/ for Speech-Language Pathologists - by Peter Flipsen Jr.

ISBN: 978-1635502879

Treating older children and adolescents who have difficulty correctly producing /r/ sounds remains an ongoing source of frustration for many clinicians. This book provides the most up-to-date information on the current understanding of /r/ and the related errors, along with a range of treatment options, to offer a comprehensive tool for Speech-Language Pathologists treating this complex issue.

Semantic Processing and Word Finding Difficulty Across the Lifespan: A Practical Guide for Speech-Language Pathologists - by Pei-Fang Hung and Lei Sun

ISBN: 978-1-63550-194-0

For readers looking to understand lexical access and word-finding difficulty (WFD), this book provides a comprehensive review of current research and clinical approaches to establish a holistic, interdisciplinary understanding of lexical access and retrieval difficulty across different communication disorders.

Do you have any resources that other SLTs would find useful?

Please let us know on Twitter and we’ll update our list so everyone can benefit. If you've tried any of these resources, tell us how you found them - and remember to record and reflect on your CPD evidence too!

Please note that Julia is not affiliated with any external content nor is it endorsing any particular resources as successful CPD practice.

Article originally published 7th July 2021 but updated to include current resources.

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