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26 Aug 2021Resource

CPD can cover a wide range of activities: anything you do to learn or develop professionally can count towards your CPD, providing it enhances what you can offer to service users as part of your practice. In fact, you’re probably already doing more CPD than you realise!

We’ve put together a compilation of useful radiography resources which may aid you in your CPD goals. The list below covers podcasts, webinars, and books which could help your learning.


Rad Talk: Making Waves

Therapeutic radiographers share experiences with other professionals within the cancer care community.

Radiography Journal Podcast

The Society of Radiographers’ Radiography Journal has gone online-only from this year, so they have launched a new podcast for those who would like to hear more about the articles and authors featured in the publication.

Imaging Safely with Covid-19 - UK Perspectives (episode from MRI Safety Talks)

MRSO, MRI & CT Radiographer, Barbara Nugent, joins podcast host John Post to discuss guidelines and advice available for MRI facilities to continue imaging safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.

RCR: CRASH! (Clinical Radiology Academics Speaking Honestly)

This Royal College of Radiologists podcast is hosted by Tom Turmezei, consultant radiologist and 2020 RCR Roentgen Professor. It features a series of discussions with radiologists from all over the UK who are passionate about research.

5 Minute Radiography

Radiography as a career is much more than simply pushing a button. This podcast by US-based Jeremy Enfinger, which has an accompanying YouTube channel, helps build confidence, skill and efficiency to provide the best possible patient care.

RadCast: Radiographer perspective and skills mix with Brian Devlin

For AHPs or others wanting to find out more about the differences between radiography and radiology, episode 3 of RadCast explains extended radiographer roles, radiographer workforce pressures, and the future of scanning technology. Share this with everyone who gets confused about your job role!

Webinars and Courses

Radiological Imaging and Trauma Radiography Webinar - James Hayes (Online)

This webinar by medical imaging educator James Hayes covers basic physics of different imaging modalities, the advantages and limitations of each modality, and current and future trends in the field.

Gynae Imaging Course (In-person)

25-26 November 2021

This in-person course covers a range of conditions associated with gynaecological imaging. It will include details on how to acquire the best possible images over multiple imaging modalities and how to read these images. The course aims to sharpen reporting skills and optimise scanning efficiency to improve patient outcomes.

Cardiac MRI - Radiographer’s Study Day (Online)

25 April 2022

On this course, you’ll gain practical knowledge and refresh your expertise in a range of areas including basic congenital imaging through to scanning pacemakers. You’ll learn about CMR Slice Positioning and how to optimise image quality. A perfect introduction to radiographers looking to move into Cardiac MRI.

Clinical Imaging (Online)

Enhance your skills in interpreting radiological images. These 30-minute e-learning sessions are arranged into modules by a comprehensive range of subject areas. Free sample courses are available to try in advance.


Some of the more recent publications in the field:

Dental Radiography - E-Book: Principles and Techniques - by Joen Iannucci and Laura Jansen Howerton (6th Edition, 10 Aug 2021)

Master the skills required for safe, effective dental imaging in this solid foundation book, the 6th edition produced by Elsevier.

Radiation Protection in Medical Radiography - by Mary Alice Statkiewicz et al. (9th Edition, 29 Oct 2021)

ISBN: 978-0323825030

This book covers the safe use of ionising radiation in all imaging modalities, including the effects of radiation on humans at the cellular and systemic levels, the regulatory and advisory limits for exposure to radiation, and the implementation of radiation safety practices for patients and personnel.

Do you have any resources that other radiographers would find useful?

Please let us know on Twitter and we’ll update our list so everyone can benefit. If you've tried any of these resources, tell us how you found them - and remember to record and reflect on your CPD evidence too!

Please note that Julia is not affiliated with any external content nor is it endorsing any particular resources as successful CPD practice.

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