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17 Jun 2022Resource

CPD can cover a wide range of activities: anything you do to learn or develop professionally can count towards your CPD, providing it enhances what you can offer to service users as part of your practice. In fact, you’re probably already doing more CPD than you realise!

We’ve put together a compilation of useful ODP resources which may aid you in your CPD goals. The list below covers podcasts, webinars, and books which could help your learning.



This exciting podcast for anyone interested in operating department practice ran from 2017 to 2020. Have a listen for past interviews and topical discussions, many of which still have a place in theatre today.

RCP Medicine Podcast

This regular podcast from the Royal College of Physicians is hosted by Dr Amie Burbridge, a consultant in acute medicine from Coventry. Episodes discuss and explore different topics including real-life clinical cases, new evidence-based guidelines and specific physician issues in the modern healthcare environment.

First Case Operating Room Podcast

A US-based podcast bringing exciting interviews, engaging discussions and innovative solutions that are changing the way patients receive surgical care. Each episode features discussions with frontline staff, perioperative leadership and nursing entrepreneurs from across the US.

The Healthtech Podcast

This podcast covers the latest in health and technology through interviews with healthcare startups and leaders.

New Scientist Weekly

The latest scientific developments and breakthroughs are shared weekly from the team at New Scientist magazine. The podcast covers a variety of topics including health.

Webinars and Online Courses

AfPP webinars

Catch up on past webinars from the AfPP, including "A 'Spooky' Introduction to Neuroscience and Spinal Injury", "Human Factors and Emotional Intelligence" and "Patient Safety: Never Events & the WHO Checklist". A small fee applies with discounts available for members.


This Australian website run by a small group of ODPs provides free education for everyone working in the theatre environment, with a growing library of modules.

Perioperative Medicine in Action

Explore perioperative medicine and how you can improve care for the high risk surgical patient with this free course via FutureLearn.

Communicating potential harms and benefits: perioperative version

This course helps you to develop skills to communicate effectively with patients about the potential harms and benefits of treatment options. The course is free, but you must log in. Alternatively you can find this course on the e-learning for Healthcare website.

Perioperative care for the future of surgery beyond the pandemic

The Royal College of Surgeons of England Webinar discussed perioperative care with particular focus on CPOC's new Green paper project that is set to highlight how to achieve excellence in each part of perioperative care to improve surgery for the future.


Some of the most recent publications in the field:

Mind Maps for Medicine - by Mohsin Azam

ISBN: 978-1911510369

This book contains over 100 easy to follow, clinically relevant medical conditions, giving you quick access to key information easily. Great for visual learners.

Behind the Mask: The NHS family and the fight with COVID-19

ISBN: 978-1913634872

This is the story, in words and pictures, of how one DGH's dedicated team of professional staff, with their eight-bed Intensive Care Unit and a posse of willing recruits, faced up to the challenge of COVID-19. Written by Glenn Dene, an ODP, all royalties are in aid of NHS Charities including Wales Air Ambulance.

Self-Care for Allied Health Professionals: From Surviving to Thriving

ISBN: 978-0367760144

This book offers information and practical strategies to look after your physical and emotional wellbeing at home and in the workplace, exploring topics such as sleep and food, resilience and meditation, stress, conflict and adversity. A healthier AHP equates to better care for service users!

Do you have any resources that other ODPs would find useful?

Please let us know on Twitter and we’ll update our list so everyone can benefit. If you've tried any of these resources, tell us how you found them - and remember to record and reflect on your CPD evidence too!

Please note that Julia is not affiliated with any external content nor is it endorsing any particular resources as successful CPD practice.

Article originally published 30th November 2021 but updated to include current resources.

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