Linking performance management to CPD in the workplace

02 Dec 2021Resource

If you have found this article, the chances are your organisation may already be doing a number of performance management-related activities, but these may feel disparate and detached from the CPD activities that employees are required to carry out to remain HCPC-compliant.

This is not surprising if performance management discussions/appraisals are only annual or bi-annual events, with any objectives set not remaining at the forefront of employees’ minds.

However, HR performance management processes do in fact offer a great opportunity to bring together the needs of the AHP employee, your organisation and your service users, and provide a clear focus for CPD activities throughout the year.

Below are some suggested improvements that could help you to more closely link performance management with CPD.

1. Factor in all regulatory requirements

Alongside your organisation’s own values and requirements when it comes to skills development, make sure the regulations stipulated by HCPC and any additional industry bodies are factored into your performance management principles. Have all the information to hand and refer to it in all your development conversations to keep your employee on track.

2. Update your competency frameworks

Look closely at the job descriptions and person specifications of your employees and make sure these also refer and tie in with any relevant national occupational standards and competencies to provide a competency-based profile for each employee. Competency guidelines can change, for example, the British Dietetic Association recently updated the Dietetic Competency Framework for Dietitians Working in the Area of Diabetes. So ensure you have a process to keep the information you hold up to date, enabling development discussions to remain current.

If the employee is looking to achieve a promotion or change in job role, make sure that the competencies they need to achieve are also noted down, as they will be highly motivated to complete CPD that relates to these.

3. Map CPD activities to development needs

Having potentially expanded the list of competencies for the employee, identify where their development needs lie. You can then discuss what CPD activities might help the employee to meet these - identifying a range of learning activities including training, mentoring, books and podcasts.

Consider any specific development opportunities that may be going on within your organisation, as well as external training. If you see a common developmental need across your teams this may even lead you to develop some new internal training in response. Also, remember that CPD may not take the shape of a formalised training course: it may be that finding someone within your organisation to provide mentoring or peer-to-peer support is a suitable alternative.

4. Documenting and evaluating CPD

Implement a learning log or reflective diary for all employees to utilise. Ideally, you would take a whole systems approach to CPD, supporting workers in recording, documenting and tracking all their relevant learning activities, integrated with your own HR training plans.

5. Evaluate CPD

Rather than relying purely on employee feedback, consider putting some of your own measurements in place to see if the learning activity has achieved the desired outcome. This is particularly relevant if an employee is undertaking a training initiative that your organisation has set up or where a large number of employees are participating. Outcomes could include changes in services and care delivery, improvements in staff retention, improvements in performance and increased staff motivation.

6. More regular discussions

Diarising more regular appraisal conversations with employees and line managers can ensure that reflective, developmental conversations happen frequently. This can also help you to evaluate how your organisation is facilitating professional learning and identify any potential barriers to your employees completing their CPD.

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