AHP CPD requirements - what are they and how can you fulfil them?

23 Feb 2022Resource

As an Allied Health Professional, your CPD is essential to ensure your skills and knowledge remain up to date and you can therefore provide the best patient care.

As you will be aware, HCPC has some set CPD requirements that you must fulfil to remain registered with them, with 2.5% of registrants audited at each renewal window.

So let’s take a look at those requirements...

1. Maintain a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of your CPD activities

HCPC don’t mind how you keep your records - be it a ring binder, in your diary or using a tool like Julia - the important thing is that you collate the information on a regular basis (also saving you a big job if you are audited).

2. Demonstrate that your CPD activities are a mixture of learning activities relevant to current or future practice

You need to carry out at least two different types of learning. Classroom or Zoom-based training courses definitely have their place, but there is also a much wider variety of options. Reading (or even, writing) a paper or article, peer mentoring, campaigning, podcasts and more. Check out our blogs on Julia Magazine: Resources for inspiration.

3. Seek to ensure that your CPD has contributed to the quality of your practice and service delivery

Your CPD should in some way impact the way in which you practice your profession. It might not mean drastic changes to how you work, it could instead increase your confidence in knowing what you’re doing is correct. If the activity was not as useful or as impactful as you thought it would be, simply reflect on this and think about how it could be improved or what you would do differently next time.

4. Seek to ensure that your CPD benefits the service user

Think about anyone who is affected by your services; patients, their families, and other hospital colleagues. When reflecting on your CPD activities, consider how your learning is helping these individuals - the chances are, everything you do will be improving your skills and therefore your service, either directly or indirectly.

5. Upon request, present a written profile (which must be your own work and supported by evidence) explaining how you have met the Standards for CPD

So this is the bit that everyone dreads, but actually, if you have been recording your CPD and considering the other standards above, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. If you are one of the chosen few, make sure the report is written by you and contains a good cross-section of the CPD activities you have undertaken.

In summary

With personal dedication and the support of employers and the industry, meeting the CPD standards should be straightforward enough to enable you to concentrate on enjoying the learning and keeping your passion for the industry alive.

Please note that Julia is not affiliated with any external content nor is it endorsing any particular resources as successful CPD practice.

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