Embracing digital tools for CPD success: A (light-hearted) guide for Occupational Therapists

14 Jul 2023Resource

As an Occupational Therapist, your commitment to lifelong learning is essential for providing the best possible care to your service users. After all, staying sharp in the OT world is no laughing matter!

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ensures you stay up-to-date with the latest research, techniques, and best practices. In this article, we explore how digital tools can help Occupational Therapists succeed in their CPD journey, making it more efficient, accessible, and engaging - plus, a little bit more fun!

1. Julia Can Help

Meet Julia, your new best friend (and secret weapon) for CPD management! Designed for Allied Health Professionals, this website and app is like having your very own CPD personal assistant, without the awkward small talk. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Julia is a valuable resource for Occupational Therapists seeking an organised and efficient CPD management solution.

2. Online Learning Platforms

Say goodbye to stuffy lecture halls and hello to the world of online learning! Post-pandemic, you’re probably familiar with many of the options out there, but platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and FutureLearn offer a vast selection of courses. With the convenience of learning from your home, you can acquire new skills and knowledge at your own pace. Did we mention that many of these courses provide certificates upon completion? Your documentation just got a whole lot easier!

3. Podcasts and Webinars

With Occupational Therapy-related podcasts and webinars, you can turn your daily commute or workout into a learning experience. Just imagine - absorbing all that expert knowledge while you're stuck in traffic or sweating it out on the treadmill. Talk about multitasking! Check out our previous article on resources for Occupational Therapists here.

4.Reflective Journaling Apps

Let's face it, we all have those "Eureka!" moments but can't seem to recall them later. Fear not! Digital tools like Evernote and Google Keep provide a convenient way to document reflections and thoughts on your CPD activities. Now you can easily capture your brilliant insights and keep your inner genius intact.

5. Online Communities and Networking

Who says networking has to be all handshakes and business cards? Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and Occupational Therapy forums offer opportunities to connect with fellow professionals and share insights, resources, and experiences—all from the comfort of your couch. Networking in your slippers? Yes, please!

6. Virtual Conferences and Events

Attending virtual conferences and events allows you to engage with the latest research, connect with peers, and learn from industry leaders - all without travelling halfway across the country. No more worrying about spilling coffee on your conference badge or finding a seat in the front row; just log in and start learning!

7. Video Tutorials and Demonstrations

YouTube and other video platforms are the new superheroes of the OT world. With an extensive range of instructional videos showcasing various Occupational Therapy techniques and interventions, you can enhance your practical skills and stay updated on emerging best practices - all while enjoying a good cat video during your breaks.

By embracing digital tools and resources, Occupational Therapists can transform their CPD journey into a more accessible, efficient, and engaging experience. Leveraging these tools not only supports your professional development but also ensures you continue to provide the highest quality care to your service users - while keeping a smile on your face.

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