What are the HCPC standards for CPD?

25 Jun 2021Resource

As an AHP registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), you’ll be well aware that there are standards you need to meet in order to maintain your designated title. These standards include requirements for continuing professional development (CPD).

CPD is vital, not only to stay HCPC-registered, but as a way to learn and develop throughout your career. It helps you to keep your skills and knowledge relevant and up to date. You’ll be pleased to hear that it’s probably easier to complete CPD than you realise; it’s not only formal courses that count, but any activity that you learn and develop from.

So what are those CPD-related standards you need to meet for your HCPC registration?

  1. “A registrant must maintain a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of their CPD activities.”
  2. “A registrant must demonstrate that their CPD activities are a mixture of learning activities relevant to current or future practice.”
  3. “A registrant must seek to ensure that their CPD has contributed to the quality of their practice and service delivery.”
  4. “A registrant must seek to ensure that their CPD benefits the service user.”
  5. “A registrant must, upon request, present a written profile (which must be their own work and supported by evidence) explaining how they have met the Standards for CPD.”

In short, you must carry out a mixture of CPD activities on a regular basis that you think will benefit your practice and the service user, and keep an accurate record of them in case you are audited.

The good news is that there are no set hours you need to complete, nor any particular endorsed types of CPD - you have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of CPD activities to help your development needs.

Which standard do you find the most challenging to complete? Let us know on Twitter!

For further reading, you can find more detail on this from HCPC here.

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